Construction Jewelry by Rochelle Behar


Behar marketed an early version of Construction Jewelry in 1993, at NAWIC’s annual conference in Chicago. The enthusiastic response encouraged her to expand and embellish the line to include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, keyrings, and pins.

Rochelle has a unique design talent, based on her many years of experience, as a Site Supervisor, in NYC. Her deep love for the construction industry, and fashion has led her to create a high-quality affordable jewelry line that tells a story, about the person who is wearing it and is truly “Something to talk about.”

At our shop you can design your own wearable art, by choosing from the Charm Collection and personalizing your bracelets and necklaces. We are proud of our Women in Construction’s lifestyle brand, as incredibly unique, modern, and fluid. Our passion is fueled to develop jewelry that embodies the personal style of women in the industry. Often my inspiration comes from the shelves of Home Depot. We are personally so grateful for the support of women leading in many areas of construction as “Many Paths, One Mission.”

Please note to submit your requests for “In-kind Donations” for fundraising activities send an email to: [email protected]